Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our event in our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below, covering everything from registration details to race day logistics and more.

What are the distances for the Run Swim Run?

1K beach run, 1K ocean swim, 5K boardwalk run.

Do I wear shoes on the beach run which is the first run of the event?

This is your choice. Most people do not but some do. We will bring these shoes back to transition but not until after the race. So, if you choose to wear shoes on this run, you will need 2 pairs of shoes.

Is the swim with the current?

We make our best attempt to have the swim with the current. Someone gets in on race morning to determine the current before we decide which way the event will go. That said, sometimes the currents are different inside and outside of the break. Some folks get in before the race to decide where they want to swim.

Can I wear a wet suit for the swim?

Yes. Some people wear a wet suit and it is legal.

What do people wear for the Run Swim Run?

Some racers do the entire event in their swim suit. There are some that wear a swim suit for the first run and swim and then pull shorts on in the transition area for the 5k run. Whatever is comfortable for you is the best choice.

Can I wear fins, snorkels, etc. on the swim?

No swim aids on the swim.

What is the 5K course?

The 5K is an out and back course that starts and ends on 31st Street. See the Course section on the website for details. Refer to the course map.

Where do I put my gear for the Run Swim Run?

There is a gated transition area in 31st Street Park. You will put your gear there. Refer to the course map.

Can I push my child in a stroller?

Yes. We ask that you fill out a waiver for both the pusher (adult) and the child.

Do we have to wear a swim cap on the swim?

We will have caps for you and ask that you wear one to help the lifeguards in spotting swimmers, but it is not required.

Do you have awards?

Yes, we have awards by age group and also for special categories like Military.

How do I get my results?

Your bib will have a QR code on it. You can scan the QR code and get the results. We will publish results on our website after final results are compiled.

What do we get for participating?

You will get a race t-shirt, draw string bag, and finisher’s medal.